1. To implement the aims and intents of the Basle and Jerusalem Programs in fostering and strengthening the concept of Jewish renaissance through the rebirth of Israel as a nation in its ancient homeland.

2. To strive for the survival of Judaism wherever Jews may be and particularly in the United States of America.

3. To aid in the further development of the State of Israel, including all its territories, as the home of the Jewish people and the spiritual and cultural center of Jewish life.

4. To foster support of the democratically-elected government of Israel, to foster support and understanding of Israel by Americans, and to foster support and growth of Israel’s economy.

5. To foster among its members, and particularly among Jewish youth, the objectives and ideals of Zionism through programs of education and the study of Hebrew culture and language.

6. To build a bridge of understanding between the Jewish people of the United States and the Jewish people in other countries, and especially in Israel.

7. To gather and spread information among its members and the public at large with respect to happenings and events that may affect the Jewish people.

8. To undertake a program of information dissemination and meetings consistant with the resolutions or programs of the National Zionist Organization of America (the “ZOA”).

9. To administer programs and activities in the greater Washington, DC area in a manner consistant with the national ZOA guidelines.

10. To foster support for the security and territorial integrity of the State of Israel to ensure that the State of Israel remains an independent, sovereign state and a safe haven for Jews throughout the world.

11. To inspire a greater love of the Land of Israel by the Jewish people, in particular the American Jewish community, and to develop and implement programs to assist Jews living throughout the Land of Israel, including all its territories.

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