International Law in Support of Israel

Israelis Have a Legal Right to Settle All Judea and Samaria

Dear ZOA members, As the following UCI Media Alert indicates, an extremely significant landmark report has been issued by a special committee appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The findings of the committee leave no doubt that Jews have a right … Full Article

Are Settlements Illegal?

by Jerold Auerbach, MidstreamMagazine, Spring 2009. With the recent election of a liberal American president and a conservative Israeli prime minister, pressure on Israel to reach a final agreement with the Palestinian Authority is likely to intensify. According to the … Full Article

Israel’s Major Wars

Israel’s Major Wars The Legal Aspects of Coming into Possession of the Territories Eli E. Hertz International law makes a clear distinction between defensive wars and wars of aggression. All of Israel’s wars with its Arab neighbors were in self-defense. About six … Full Article

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