Louis D.Brandeis Chapter ZOA Projects

We take pride in our firm and unwavering support of Israel, as we work together to make our voices heard on behalf of the Jewish homeland and to translate our aspirations for Israel’s peace, security, and prosperity into concrete, meaningful action. In the words of our chapter’s president, Marc Caroff, “This moment in history presents each of us with a unique opportunity to participate in strengthening the eternal bond between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel”. It is with this commitment in mind that our local ZOA chapter has initiated the following projects:



As you may have heard, Meretz Party and other supporters of the BDS (Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions) Movement want you to boycott these products.  We ask you to support Israel by making a special effort to purchase these fine products.

They include fine wines, foods, personal care items and many other products which you will find easily available in local shops and online as shown on this site.

Specific product information, sources, etc. can be found by going to our “News Alerts” Page (Right sidebar) or the “Join Our ‘Buycott’ Now” ad box at the bottom of each page of our website.

This is a mitzvah which will provide your family with excellent products and will surely prove to be a pleasant shopping experience.



Our local ZOA chapter has initiated a special project to promote financial support for the Jewish communities in East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria (these regions are commonly referred to as “YESHA”). These nine charitable organizations have, as their primary purpose, the support of Zionist activities in YESHA communities, including activities as diverse as infrastructure development; enhancement of community security; preservation of religious and historical sites; and sponsorship of archaeological excavations, educational programs, and conservation efforts.

These organizations are not affiliated in any way with ZOA but have a sterling record of support for Zionist projects in YESHA. They are the following:

American Friends of Beit Orot                                                                            162 Cedar Lane                                                                                            Teaneck, NJ 07666                                                                                      Phone:201-530-0210                                                                                    Website: http://www.beitorot.org/english/content.asp?pageid=53     Contact: http://www.beitorot.org/english/contactus.asp

Friends of Ir David (Ir David Foundation)                                                            1300 Flatbush Avenue                                                                                      Brooklyn, NY 11210                                                                                                Phone (Israel) 972-2-671-3434                                                                    Website: http://www.cityofdavid.org.il/en/The-Ir-David-Foundation                        Contact: http://www.cityofdavid.org.il/en/contact

Gush Etzion Foundation                                                                                        P. O. Box 1030                                                                                              Manchester, NH 03105                                                                                    Phones: 603-623-1212/800-705-1626                                  Website: http://www.gush-etzion.org.il/                                                         Contact: http://www.gush-etzion.org.il/contact.asp

One Israel Fund                                                                                                1175 West Broadway, Suite 10                                                                        Hewlett, NY 11557                                                                                        Phone: 516-239-9202                                      Website: http://www.oneisraelfund.org/     Contact: http://oneisraelfund.org/contact.asp

Hebron Fund                                                                                                     1760 Ocean Avenue                                                                                       Brooklyn, NY 11230                                                                                       Phone: 718-677-6886                                         Website:http://www.hebronfund.org/  Contact: http://www.hebronfund.org/contact-us

American Friends of Kedumim                                                                              P. O. Box 55                                                                                                      Union, NJ 07083-0055                                                                                      Phone (Israel) 972-2-792-1350                                                                              No website or email information available

The Shomron Liaison Office “Shuva Israel”                                                      P. O. Box 27255                                                                                                Austin, TX 78755                                                                                              Phone: 512-961-7059                                      Website: http://www.goshomron.com/     Contact: http://www.goshomron.com/contact-us/

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation                                                          587 Fifth Avenue, Suite 702                                                                                New York, NY 10017                                                                                    Phone: 212-725-0598                          Website: http://english.thekotel.org/content.asp?Id=139           Contact: http://english.thekotel.org/contactus.asp

American Friends of Ateret Cohanim (Jerusalem Chai)                                   248 West 35th St., Room 406                                                                            New York, NY 10001                                                                                    Phone: 212-216-9270                                                                                  Contact: ateret@juno.com                                                                                  No website information available



“in the days to come,…Israel will bud and blossom and fill the world with fruit.”                                                                                    Isaiah 27:6

This year the government says no to building…we say “Yes” to planting. New fruit trees-new growth-new life! Manhigut Yehudit has helped farmers in Israel plant over 14,000 new fruit trees, which have provided an income for many Jewish families. Through the combined contributions of our local ZOA members we hope to provide enough funding to purchase an orchard of 100 fruit trees, including grape vinyards, in Judea and Samaria. The project will bear a sign honoring our chapter.
We were recently delighted to hear that grapes from vineyards have produced award-winning wines throughout Israel.


4.TWINNING WITH MASKIOT  On June 28th we were privledged to hear Ron Allswang, Maskiot Resource Development Director, who made a most interesting and informative Power Point presentation of the new and vibrant Jewish community in the Jordan Valley region of the Shomron (Samaria). Most of the present residents of Maskiot are former residents of Gush Katif in Gaza, who courageously have decided to make their new homes in the strategic heartland of Israel. We discussed the ways in which our chapter could directly interact, collectively and individually, with the Maskiot community.
Note: Many mainstream organizations diliberately avoid rendering any support to YESHA communities and Jewish projects over the so-called “green-line”.This is all the more reason that we decided to direct our tzedakah dollars to the charitable organizations on our list, to the “fruit trees for YESHA” campaign, and in support of the Maskiot community.



Wherever our message is needed, our voice is being heard. The Louis D. Brandeis Chapter participates fully with our yearly National ZOA Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. Our members meet with U.S. Representitives and Senators on Capitol Hill to provide them with accurate information which is most often either omitted from mainstream media or presented with negative bias. We clarify and discuss issues pertaining to Israel’s security and urge our Representatives and Senators to actively sponsor and support pro-Israel legislation in Congress. Most recently, we have urged them to action regarding the following issues:


We recently requested that our Representatives and Senators urge the House and Senate leadership to proceed immediately to bring the new sanctions legislation to the President’s desk to be signed into law.

We request that our Representatives and Senators urge the leadership to tell the Obama Administration that robust sanctions must be enforced immediately as a first step to try to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

We request that our Representatives and Senators require the Obama Administation to enforce current sanctions against iran, particularly the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 and the newly passed Sanctions Act of 2010. No foreign corporation has been found in violation of this law despite billions of dollars in economic activity with iran. Presidents Clinton, Bush, and now Obama have failed to enforce this law.


The United States currently gives around $1 Billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Palestinian Arabs. ZOA ia opposed to giving U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until they comply with their obligations under the many agreements they have signed, from Oslo to the Road map. These include:

Negotiate with Israel without preconditions to acheive a Palistinian State at peace with Israel.

Outlaw terrorist groups.

Try and imprision terrorists in their midst.

Confiscate illegal weapons.

Rescind the existing glorification of terrorists by renaming all streets, schools, and sports teams currently named for terrorists.

Cancel the recently commissioned Fatah emblem showing all of Israel covered with an Arab headdress, a Kalashnikov rifle and an image of the late terrorist, Yasser Arafat.


Currently updating 113th Congress initiatives.


Our Chapter is privleged to maintain ongoing communication with Dan Pollak and Josh London, Co-Directors of Government Relations for ZOA.

Dan and Josh are our main links to our Representatives and Senators in Congress. Dan Pollak has addressed our chapter on several occassions. Recently, at the Ring House in Rockville, MD, he discussed the current situation on Capitol Hill. He brought us up to date on how our organization’s message is received and on present day happenings in the life of a professional advocate for Israel. He also discussed major issues relating to Israel’s security and the imminent Iranian nuclear threat. Our ongoing dialogue with Dan Pollak is an invaluable component of our activism for Israel.



Our chapter regularly participates in the following advocacy activities:

  • Advocacy ads
  • Action alerts
  • Letter writing
    Letters from our President, Marc Caroff and Vice President Mirian Burnstein, have appeared in the Washington Jewish Week. All members are encouraged to submit their writing on behalf of Israel to our local news media
  • Participation in rallies for Israel
    Our chapter has joined with other pro-Israel advocates, most notably, Shalom International, in numerous rallies in front of the White House.
  • Our members are urged to call or write their Senators and Representatives on behalf of Israel’s security.
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