Archeologists Discover 2nd Temple Seal in Jerusalem

by Melanie Lidman The Jerusalem Post, 12/25/11 Just as the holiday season buying frenzy wraps up, archeologists discovered one of the original examples of store credit: A 2,000-year-old clay seal from the Second Temple that was used to show that … Full Article

Muslim Archeology on Temple Mount Erasing Traces of Jewish Altar

MUSLIM ARCHEOLOGY ON TEMPLE MOUNT ERASING TRACES OF JEWISH ALTAR By Carl in Jerusalem of Blog: Israel Matzav, 2/8/11 An eight-month ‘archeological dig’ by the Muslim Waqf on the Temple Mount may have destroyed any traces of the altar from … Full Article

Archeological Evidence Supports Jewish Presence in Middle East

  ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE OF JEWISH PRESENCE IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL THROUGHOUT THE AGES Archeological research in Israel reveals that the country is the home of the spiritual heritage of the great monotheistic religions.  Above all it clearly reveals the … Full Article

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