The Jewish State of Israel has grown over the span of a few decades from a concept grounded in ancient history, tradition, and Torah to a modern, democratic, economically prosperous, free and independent state.  This is how, through the great accomplishments of the Jewish People, the dream became reality.

The modern state of Israel is the only Jewish state in the world today.  Modern Israel is the natural outgrowth of the Jewish yearning to return to our ancient homeland, as promised in the Torah.

It has been built by generations of Jews from the days of the Patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the 17th Century before the Common Era (BCE), through the reigns of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon.  Later defeats of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judea, the destruction of the Jewish Temple on Temple Mount in Jerusalem (twice), and the dispersion of the Jews throughout the world never completely cut the ties of the Jewish people to our Homeland.

In addition, the Jewish National Homeland in the land that was then administered by Britain as the Palestine Mandate was guaranteed Jews both still living in the area and Jews throughout the world by the League of Nations, the United Nations and international law at the San Remo Conference.

Many Jews never left the area of Eretz Yisrael.  These Jews blended into the desert culture, somehow surviving repeated efforts to exile them by the Arabs of the area, while maintaining always their Jewish roots, practices, traditions and love of Torah.  These are often referred to as Oriental Jews, Eastern Jews, Misrahi Jews, or less correctly as Sephardic Jews.  They represent the constant presence in Eretz Yisrael of the remnant of the great Jewish Nation which existed in the “Land of the Jews” before Christians and Moslems ever existed.

During more recent times, this long-held yearning to reclaim our homeland has enjoyed a huge infusion of energy, direction and resources through the Zionist Movement.  Over the centuries, Zionism focused on social, historical, cultural, religious, and spiritual links between Jews and Eretz Yisrael.  Later, political Zionism, through diligent efforts on several fronts, promoted and helped realize the goal of the re-establishment of a Jewish state, although only within a tiny part of the area recognized in the Torah, the Christian Bible and the Koran as the ”Land of the Jews”.

The efforts of generations of Zionists reached their culmination in the declaration of an independent Jewish State on May 14, 1948.

Unfortunately, the lofty ideals of that declaration were met, not with congratulations, but with a declaration of war by all surrounding Arab and Muslim states and their allies.  From that day to this, Israel has continued to face hostile threats from neighboring nations who refuse to accept the presence of a Jewish state among them and who continue to strive, some overtly, others covertly, for Israel’s destruction and the removal of all Jews from the region.

The Jewish state, Eretz Yisrael, has, despite everything, endured, prospered, thrived and become a modern, democratic, liberal Western society and a homeland to millions of Jews from throughout the Diaspora,  Jews hailing from Eastern Europe to Ethiopia and everywhere in between.  This, despite living under constant threat of extinction by the surrounding feudal caliphates and Islamist theocracies which continue to abuse their own people as well as support and promote terrorism against Israel and the entire Western world.

Am Yisrael Chai!

*A BRIEF HISTORY OF ISRAEL, 2nd Ed. Bernard Reich.  Checkmark Books, 20008.  P 70.

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